Our Mission

P1 Marine Foundation was established in September 2010 with the aim of safeguarding and restoring the marine and coastal environment by raising awareness through education and effective partnerships.

Our mission is to deliver inspiring programmes that enhance understanding of the value of marine life together with increased personal responsibility, particularly amongst young people.


The P1 Marine Foundation recognises the huge ecological importance of the marine environment in that it is irreplaceable and essential. Consequently it is committed to conservation by promoting and supporting research through creating partnerships, fundraising and raising awareness.

The P1 Marine Foundation believes that education is a fundamental element in protecting the marine environment. Therefore we are dedicated to creating and implementing education programmes to develop the understanding and value of marine life.


We develop initiatives and projects to raise awareness of the marine environment, its importance to us and the need for conservation. Each year we stage a national roadshow which includes beach cleans, marine life sessions, film screenings and art workshops.

We work with schools, universities and colleges in local and international communities through our education programmes and awards. We are currently running a Marine Environment Education programme for schools and a National Student Awards for students in higher education who present outstanding work.

We create partnerships aimed at developing solutions to help protect and promote the health of the oceans.