Date: Tue 11 Oct 2016

Celebrating the oceans at the Ocean Film Festival

Last night the P1 Marine Foundation team had the opportunity to attend and support the exciting Ocean Film Festival in London for its 2016 world tour.

The Union Chapel, built in the late 19th century in the Gothic revival style, was a great choice to host the festival as it was lit up with blue lights that gave an aquatic ambiance. The audience was filled with a mix of ocean lovers, film enthusiasts and the curious creating a warm atmosphere.

With a diverse array of films ranging from a sea kayak expedition in the Aleutian Islands to India’s first surfer girl, the festival had so much to offer to celebrate our oceans and seas.There were many favourites from watching as Corentin de Chatelperron making his voyage through the islands of Indonesia in a boat made from jute to becoming immersed in Iceland’s surfing and its relationship with the North Atlantic wind.

With the oceans and their inhabitants in increasing peril, the Ocean Film Festival was a brilliant and effective way to raise awareness and learn about how humanity interacts with the marine environment as well as inspiring us all to dive into a new ocean adventure!

For more information on the films and the tour go to: