In Search of Penguins

Suchana Chavanich/Marine Photobank

Suchana Chavanich/Marine Photobank

Next month P1 Marine Foundation will be turning its eyes to the south as our volunteer Becky Sinnreich sets sail for Antarctica aboard the MS Fram.

As a Marine Observer, Becky’s marine conservation work focuses on implementing wildlife observation programs for race events. Using her expertise, she can regularly be found monitoring Florida’s waters for manatees, turtles and dolphins to help protect them.

She will be exploring the sights and hopes to get up close to some of the magnificent wildlife that can be found on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Designed in 2007 for sailing in polar waters, the MS Fram was built in 2007 to bring those aboard closer to nature and wildlife. It will start its journey from Ushuaia, Argentina on the 16th January and returns after 12 days.

Route to Antarctica

Route to Antarctica

"I am so excited to be going on an adventure to one of the remotest places on earth, Antarctica! We’re expecting a bit of a rough ride through the Drake Passage, but it will be worth it to see the spectacular scenery as well as the penguins, seals, orcas and whales. Of course, we are at the mercy of the weather. So where we will make landfall, no one can say for sure (just adds to the excitement of the adventure!).

No cellphones and no internet means we’re pretty much cut off from the rest of the world. Nonetheless, if there is some way I can share this experience with young minds and help inspire them to make protecting the environment part of their daily lives, I’m in. I look forward to reading your proposed projects soon!" said Becky.

We will be following Becky’s journey as she takes to the water in the New Year. We are calling on all schools to connect with us by sending a project proposal before the 15th Dec.

For more information or to submit your project please email Becky if you are based in the USA at and email Sabrina your UK projects at

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