Hello Antarctica!

Pete and Penny the penguins

Pete and Penny the penguins

“The trip of a lifetime” is how Becky Sinnreich, one of our volunteers, described her journey to the Antarctic Peninsula. Taking two ‘friends’ with her, Pete and Penny the Penguins, she connected with schools around the US to give them an up close and personal view of their adventures across the world's last great wilderness.

Becky and friends began their journey on 16th January and travelled through the continent for 12 days on board MS Fram, a Norwegian vessel named after the ship used by explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. Joining them on the journey were travellers from all over the world, including Germany, China, Canada, the U.K., France and Norway.

After sailing through one of the roughest bodies of water on the planet, Drakes Passage, their first sight of Antarctica was of Elephant Island where they had the chance to view whales, seals, and Chinstrap and Macaroni penguins. Once they reached the Antarctic Sound, with beautiful icebergs and glaciers in full view, it took over 20 minutes to navigate around one iceberg.

The journey took them through Graham Land on the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula, where they visited an active volcano on Deception Island, watched as Pete and Penny made friends with other penguins on Cuverville Island, and saw hump back whales at Wilhelmina Bay.

The last stop made was at Peterman Island where they met with a playful Baby Elephant seal as well as Gentoo and Adele Penguin rookeries and King Cormorants.

Despite minimal telephone and internet signal, Becky was still able to live feed their experience to schools to help inspire young students to make protecting the environment part of their daily lives.

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