P1 Marine Foundation partners with Wakefield Memorial Award

P1 Marine Foundation partners with Wakefield Memorial Award for National Student Awards

Paul Naylor/marinephoto.org.uk

Paul Naylor/marinephoto.org.uk

20 April, London: P1 Marine Foundation today announced the launch of its 2015 National Student Awards in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society.

This will see the Society’s Wakefield Memorial Award incorporated in the programme, which rewards UK students in higher education who submit projects that can help to provide solutions to the threats to the marine and coastal environment.

In the UK, the marine and coastal environment plays an important role in our daily lives in many ways: help to regulate our climate, source of food, commerce, transport and leisure. The UK also has some of the richest marine ecosystems in the world, including over 8,000 different species and important seabird populations. However, there are still many threats to this natural resource which hinder a healthy future for its habitats and species.

The Wakefield Memorial Award encourages research and studies that contribute to clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries and marine life protection in the UK. In 1957 Daphne and Tony Wakefield lost their daughter from polio after she swam in sewage polluted water. The Wakefield family wish to support the ongoing study of threats to the marine environment and public health and the development of solutions to improve the state of our seas, through this annual award.

The P1 Marine Foundation prizes include £1000 for the winner, £500 for one runner up and the Wakefield Memorial Award of £500.

The entries will be judged by a panel which includes Dr Laura Foster, Marine Conservation Society Pollution Programme Manager; Maya Plass, Marine Biologist, Educator and Presenter; Kirsty Schneeberger MBE, Advisor at UNFCCC and co-founder of Beautiful Corporations and Dr Trevor Dixon, Marine Pollution Specialist at Advisory Committee of the Protection of the Sea.

The deadline for entries is 12th December.

For more information and to enter go to: www.p1marinefoundation.com/Awards.ink

Note to Editors:

Last year the 2014 Awards winners included Flora Kent, who is currently studying a PhD in Marine Ecology at Heriot-Watt University, won for her ground-breaking project ‘The use of ecosystem services to support conservation of shellfish reefs’. The two runners up were Clara Mackenzie, also from Heriot-Watt University, whose project focused on ‘Vulnerability of Modiolus modiolus reefs to climate change: from mechanisms to management strategies’ and Ally Evans, from Aberystwyth University, for her project ‘ReefCrete: ecological engineering of artificial marine habitats’.

P1 Marine Foundation
The Foundation is a UK registered charity focused on safeguarding and protecting the marine environment through awareness, education and partnerships. For further information please contact Sabrina Taseer, P1 Marine Foundation, Projects and Development Manager on sabrina@p1marinefoundation.com

Marine Conservation Society
MCS is a UK charity for the protection of the seas around the United Kingdom, and for the protection of their shores and wildlife.

Wakefield Memorial Fund
Daphne and Tony Wakefield lost their daughter from polio in 1957 after she swam in sewage polluted water. They spent much of their lives subsequently campaigning for an improvement in the quality of coastal bathing waters, and they established a charity (the Coastal Anti-Pollution League) as a vehicle for their campaign. Tony and Daphne believed that public ignorance of the problem had to be corrected and one of their greatest successes was the charity’s annual publication of the forerunner to the Good Beach Guide, now published by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). The Coastal Anti-Pollution League was incorporated into MCS when Tony retired.

Who is Eligible?
Final year undergraduate or postgraduate students who are studying subjects related to the coastal and marine environment, where their course-related project or dissertation will satisfy the purpose of the award (i.e. the project or dissertation relates to research or study that will contribute to clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries and marine life protection in the UK).