Meet Duncan Johnstone

Our New Ambassador

Duncan Johnstone (right)

Duncan Johnstone (right)

Duncan is a P1 Marine Foundation ambassador and a champion in the 250 class of the P1 AquaX jet ski race series with 16 years’ experience in the sport. This year he will be helping to raise awareness of the marine environment through our education programme at the P1 race events.

1. How are you getting involved with the P1 Marine Foundation?

Throughout the coming season I’ll be helping to promote the P1 Marine Foundation at all the race venues. The Foundation plans to have a stand providing information on its work in the marine environment and there will be activity sessions for the kids along the seashore.

2. Why is it important for you to raise awareness about the marine environment?

We all enjoy being at the seaside and getting on the water as much as possible but it is important to take time to consider what impact our actions are having. Raising awareness doesn’t have to be complicated – simple things like putting litter in a bin or taking it home could have a huge positive impact on beach users and marine animals. Hopefully if we all take just a little time to think about how we use the coast we will all want to take greater care of it.

3. What can people do to help?

There’s loads of educational information being shared by organisations such as the P1 Marine Foundation through websites, videos and social media feeds. Keep an eye on the P1 Marine Foundation’s pages for more kids’ activities over the race weekends which will be both fun and educational. Some events will include a Beach Clean Up in their schedule – these are really effective. I helped out at the one in Gosport last year. All the volunteers got a great sense of doing something positive for the environment and the local population.

4. As a racer, do you think you have a responsibility for protecting the environment?

Yes of course – all the racers have an obligation to be responsible at all times but especially on race days when we are very much in the public eye. It’s an ideal opportunity to prove that we can use the sea for our sport but still be considerate to the environment.